Ez Movers New Orleans Reviews

Ez Movers New Orleans Reviews

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Calliope TaDaryl

This place doesn't exist here. All of the information about this place on Google is all wrong. I drove here from Hammond Louisiana and I get here and this is what I have as you can see the pictures is showing a house at the address everything about this place on Google is false and misleading. I even called the phone number and I didn't get an answer someone called me back and said what's up. I told them I was looking for a moving company calledEZ Movers? The guy told me that he's always getting phone calls and this is not the number to call you need to find someone else to call and play with. I said sir you are listed on the website and everything else with the same phone numbers I did not mean to bother you and he said he think it's someone playing a practical joke with his phone and he wish we will stop or he's going to call the police. So I informed him that I will never call him again and he said he do not mean to be rude but he's been getting these phone calls for a few years and he doesn't like being played with. Again I told him sir I am sorry I will show you the pictures that I have and the phone number and the posting of your home address and phone. So I took a screenshot and I sent it to him and he apologized to me for being rude and he said that he's just tired of all of this.1. Doesn't exist here?or anywhere else for that matter. I drove all the from Hammond, La. And all that is at the address is a pink and brick house on the corner. ☹️😲Offensive?I'm very offended by the false advertisement of these place , because I just waisted my time and money driving here to make a reservation in person because of the money I spent for gas and the fact that I wasting a few hours out of my day I could have used packing.Harmful: Harmful, very Harmful.This is one of New Orleans worse neighborhoods. I was just thinking threatened and told to leave because I shouldn't be taking pictures around here.

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Hired to move some furniture . Very polite and professional came on time . Had an issue and they were there to address it . Would definitely recommend

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Dylan Hawkins

The folks at EZ movers made moving a piano from Baton Rouge to NOLA so fast and easy! Awesome customer service, great price, would def recommend!! Also, no hidden fees. Thanks y’all!

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Barbara Hedman

The 2 man crew that Roge sent to help us with a marketplace purchase took good care of us. Had a pick up in NOLA and drop off in Mandeville. They were the first company I called. Be sure to confirm costs as I did not and was surprised by sticker shock. Roge worked with me on a price that worked for both parties. Would do business with again. Thanks guys!

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Harry Yerkes

Moving is so stressful, but prior experience on small jobs led me to have Jonathan & Michael move me across town. They are clearly aware of what needed to be done, and they moved me with no problems, at all. For the services, I doubt there’s a more reasonable mover.I’m very happy about lifting this weight off from the moving process, and I’m glad they were there to do it!Thank you Jonathan & Michael!Harry Y

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Connor Kirkpatrick

Just had a move with EZ Movers. Jonathan and Donald were my two movers. They did a great job. Easily the best moving experience I have had and would recommend them to anyone in New Orleans.

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Jonathan and Michael were awesome. Professional and Courteous. Got the job done quickly.

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Janet Nagle

Jonathan and Michael were awesome!!! Very professional and courteous. They are truly an asset to your company and should be commended for doing an awesome job. I will tell everyone to ise this company and to get Jonathan and Mike as your workers. This was the first time for me and what a pleasant experience!!!!

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Sandra Favors

The movers was on time. Nothing was broken. They got me out and in my homes with no problems. The movers set my furniture where I wanted it. I called the company late Wednesday Evening. Thursday morning they were there!!!! I had a great experience with this company. Thankx EZ Movers

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Danielle Martinez

EZ Movers moved me twice. The workers were professional and fast! On both moves they were cautious and did not break a single item. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend EZ Movers to all my family and friends. So happy I found them.

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Daezha Brooks

The movers were over an hour late. There was no apology or explanation given, nor did they call ahead of time to let me know. Additionally, their website needs to be updated: it does not state that any move involving stairs requires a minimum of 3 hours. I only booked 2 movers for 2 hours (because the website does not inform you that 3 hours are required), three showed up and there was never an instance where all 3 were actively working. Honestly, I feel ripped off and disappointed. Please consider revamping your website to be more concise about ALL fees!

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Guyana P.

They never showed up. I called it was not the number to the actual business but a worker. He tried to help by giving me the owner number. He never answered or called back. 😒 I would not recommend.

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Jessica Triche

Not responsive. I haven’t been able to get anyone on the phone after an initial conversation with Rojel.

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Wassup G


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Linda Nelson

The movers were polite, efficient, and attentive. They made sure they understood what I wanted and made sure they did what I needed. Very accommodating and pleasant. I am very pleased.

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Khadija Thomas

Hired EzMovers to complete a move for me! They came and got the job done in a timely fashion. Nothing was damaged and the price is very reasonable. I would def use them again or recommend them! Thank you very much!

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Courtney Gonsoulin

Excellent move! The two movers were very professional and accommodating of my requests. Made my move go smoothly and quickly!

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Joseph Hooks


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I set a appointment online for my move. I got a confirmation email the same day. The day of the move no one came. No response even after calling and calling! I left voicemails and emails that were all unanswered. Very unprofessional!! I do not recommend them at all!! Please don’t make the same mistake I did trusting this company!

We had an excellent experience with EZ movers. I completed the request for a move online the day before I needed the move. My reservations were put at ease when I received a call for the company to come out early. The gentleman moving us were professional, courteous, and persevered through stairs and heat. All furniture and boxes were handled with care. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

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Cassie Jones

I have used EZ Movers for multiple moves, they take the stress out of moving. Emailing and coordinating the date/time you want is beyond simple. The first time I used them I found myself emailing multiple times for information and confirmation because I was all over the place with moving and relocating but the next times I used them, I didn't stress about this piece of the move. Roge' and his crew got you!

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Jomas Gibson

Having a moving business of my own, there are several things I look for when working with other companies furnishing laborers for a move. The guy they sent me on a unique moving operation in the New Orleans area was personable and good to work with.I'm going to say 5 stars because the set-up was great and the reliability of EZ's representative was wonderful. The overall performance could have been more emphasizing of CAREFUL attention to detail, because that is the most important moving trait to me, but I am very pleased and would definitely recommend this outfit to people in the area, especially compared to lack-luster customer service exercised by others I scouted in the area.Thanks Joe.

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Kimberly Mayer

I’ve moved a lot and fortunately EZ Movers were recommended. Best movers, owner & employees you can find.

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Tree Fire

They were amazing and very VERY careful with my items and took care of everything I recommend them for any kind of move even if u need your stuff put together they are a 1 they didn’t mess over my things at all I’m definitely going to use them again 💯💯💯



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