Our tips on moving in New Orleans

11 Tips to Find and Hire the Right Moving Company

Here are our tips on moving in New Orleans:

Moving is often an exciting yet stressful time. For those who are getting ready to move, a moving company can be a saving grace that gives them a helping hand with the biggest project of the move. Yet, choosing the wrong company can be a complete nightmare in the end. Read below to learn how to find and hire the right moving company and what to know before signing any contracts. This can help minimize the potential for any issues.

Pick a Company That Does a Thorough Walk through

Any reputable moving company is going to perform a thorough walk through where they look into everything. Avoid any company where the estimate is done in a matter of minutes. The estimator doesn’t note what is going to be moved and what won’t be moved. Quality companies will check what you want to move to the new home. Making sure they don’t include anything that’s going to be given away, donated, or left behind in the moving quote.

Choose a Company that Does an Inventory

This is a good tip on moving, the cost of the move is determined by the amount of all of the items that are moved. A quote should include a moving inventory that helps determine the bulk and weight of the move, whether it’s in person or virtually, to find out exactly how much space all of the items will take up in the truck and how much it will all weigh. If this is not accurate because there isn’t a thorough inventory done, then the estimate is not going to be accurate at all.

Find Out How Items are Packed

It is possible for those who are moving to pack by themselves, but then the mover isn’t responsible for any damage to the belongings. When the mover does the packing, it’s likely that the person moving will pay extra for the boxes and any packing materials used. If the movers will handle all of the packing, ensure the company is going to pack the belongings carefully. Some movers will just toss things in boxes and not worry about what might end up broken or damaged. This is a great tip for when you are moving.

Make Sure You Don’t Pay in Advance

A common scam today is to have the client pay in advance. When that happens, the moving company will just disappear with the belongings and won’t deliver them on time, if they deliver them at all. Since they’ve already been paid, the client has no leverage. The movers can demand extra money before the belongings are delivered. Instead, do not pay a large deposit before the items arrive at the new home. Always pay on delivery. Very important tip for moving in New Orleans.

Look into Extra Fees Before Hiring

Another common scam is hidden fees. While the moving estimate should be accurate, some unscrupulous companies will tack on hidden fees at the end of the move and demand far more money than the client was expecting to pay. While there may be extra fees, like when the movers need to go up stairs or elevators for the move or if the new home is on a narrow street where a moving van won’t fit, these should be discussed beforehand and any extra fees that may be applicable should be a part of the estimate.

Make Sure Everything is in Writing

It’s nice to know that there won’t be any hidden fees or other issues, but unless it’s in writing, it may not count. A verbal contract may be legally binding in many states, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to prove. Instead, make sure everything is in writing. Avoid signing a blank contract, as the details can be added later and they likely won’t be the same as what was previously discussed. Instead, make sure everything discussed is written on the contract, including the estimate, extra fees, and pickup and delivery dates.

Look into the Company’s Name

Make sure the moving company has had the same name the entire time they’ve been in business, and that they do have a local address as well as the proper licensing and insurance. Check the licensing and insurance and look into whether the company does business using any other names. Companies with horrible reviews for poor conduct will change their names to avoid potential customers finding those reviews. This information can often be checked by searching online or checking the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Make Sure to Check References

Before hiring, ask for references. The references should be three clients who have moved in the past three months. When they provide the reference list, call the clients, and ask questions about their move. This can help determine if there were any major issues or if prior customers were unhappy with the work done. Be sure to follow our tips on moving.

Check the Moving Contract They Use

Three standard moving contracts are used. A non-binding estimate means the payment total cannot be more than 10% above the estimate. A non-binding to exceed contract means that there are no fees beyond the estimate, and a binding estimate means that there is a guaranteed price for the move, including any extras. Check which contract type is being used and learn more about that specific type before signing the contract and agreeing to the terms.

Learn How to Report Any Issues with the Move

Even with the best movers, there may be issues like something damaged during the move. Check all boxes once they are at the new house, as the time to report a claim is limited. Find out from the company how much time is available and what the process is to file a claim just in case anything happens, that way there’s no question as to what to do or how the process works once the move is done.

Get Moving Insurance and Understand Their Liability

There are two main types of liability for moving companies. Under full value protection, anything that is lost, damaged or destroyed while being moved is covered by the movers. This may be limited for more expensive items like electronics or jewelry. It is also possible to choose alternative liability, but this only offers a small amount of protection. The amount of liability is limited to a certain amount based on the weight of the item. This type of liability needs to be selected, otherwise, the default will be full value protection.

If you’re getting ready to move, finding the right company to use is crucial. This could help you avoid a scam or keep all belongings as safe as possible during the move. Use the tips here to make sure you find the right company and can save yourself a lot of stress and worry during the move. This is our last tip on moving. Hopefully you choose us for your moving needs!

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